About Our Candles

Our candles are made from excellent quality soy produced here in the Midwest.  We use premium phthalate free fragrances and lead-free wicks to create a product that can be loved in every home. Please note our candles are uncolored to fit into every decor. Different fragrances can cause different tints, some may be pure white while others have a creamier tint. If left in direct sunlight your candle may turn a yellow color where the sunlight hits. This will not in any way affect the way your candle smells or burns. It will be just as awesome! 

Candle Tips
* Important!! For a proper, clean burn it is necessary to keep wick trimmed. If you do not trim your wick it can cause mushrooming, high flames and blackened jars.
* Memory burn- Each candle has a memory. When you burn your candle for the first time allow the melt pool to reach to each side of the jar. This allows the jar candle to establish a full melt pool increasing scent throw. If a candle isn’t given the proper memory burn it will tunnel down the center and a good scent throw cannot be achieved.
* Weak Flame - wick was trimmed to short-extinguish flame and pour off excess wax in a safe container and relight. 
* High Flame - candle was placed in draft or untrimmed wick. Move candle if by a draft or trim wick. Be sure to extinguish flame before doing this.
* Soot- although soy + beeswax candles are a natural wax and close to soot free when burned properly, no candle is 100% soot free. Soot can be prevented by proper candle care as discussed above.
* Safety - soy wax burns hot; your container candle should be burned no longer than 3-4 hours at a time and allowed to cool completely before relighting. Allowing a container to get to hot could crack the glass and cause hot wax to leak. Please use caution when burning any candle.
*Container will become HOT-HANDLE WITH CARE.

 What size for my room?
Our mini jars work well for a bathroom or small bedroom. Our 8 oz jars are perfect for a bathroom or bedroom or smaller size living room type size. If you have an open concept house or high ceilings, we suggest larger sizes or more than one candle. Don't be afraid to scent mingle if you choose more than one! It can be a fun way to create a new scent combo.  The strength of a candle will also depend on the fragrance you choose, some are light and linger in the background and some are much stronger and perfect on their own for a larger space.  

Please be Responsible
* Candle care and burning is a responsibility. Please burn wisely, keep away from children, pets and fabrics! All containers/products come with a caution label on the bottom please read! 
* Discontinue burning container candles once there is ½ inch of wax left in the bottom. If you love your wax and don't want to let it go to waste, it let it cool and chip the wax out of the bottom and use in your wax melter. You may need to pop the jar in freezer for 10 minutes to get the wax to chunk right out.
 * Wax melts must be burned in an appropriate burner/container. 

Barn Wood Candle Company, LLC is not responsible for damage or injury due to lack of care and attention while burning any of our products.

Now that you're a candle pro have fun shopping! ​